Mohall, North Dakota


City Utility Services

City of Mohall: Water, Sewer & Garbage (701-756-6464)
MDU: Electricity (1-800-638-3278) 
Mid-Continent Communications: Cable TV (1-800-888-1300)
Souris River Telephone: Telephone & Internet Service (701-858-1200)

To sign up for Utility bill automatic bank withdrawal contact the City Auditor's office at 756-6464 or EMAIL.

When relocating, you must call the Auditor's Office to have your water shut off or utility bill switched to another person.  Accounts are not switched to another person until your full balance is paid.  

Utility rates for 2022:

Water (minimum)- $23.69

Sewer- $18.99

Residential Garbage- $25.19

Commercial- depending on size of dumpster

Surcharge- $3.00

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