Mohall, North Dakota


Water meters are read on the 10th of every month.  You will receive a Utility Billing card that shows your total water consumption for the month, along with sewer and garbage service charges.  Utility bills are due on the 25th of every month.  You may pay your bill at the following locations:  Citizen's State Bank- Main Street; the drop box at City Hall located on East side of the building or mail it to: City of Mohall, Box 476, Mohall ND  58761.

If a Utility balance becomes 60 days past due, a shut off notice is sent.  If the amount due is not paid by the stated due date and your water is shut off, an additional $100.00 will be added onto your total balance before the water will be turned on.

The landowner is responsible for the curb stop as well as the service line going into the premise.  In the event that a curb stop is inoperable, it is the responsibly of the landowner to replace or repair the curb stop to make it operable.   


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