Mohall, North Dakota


City Staff

Auditor- Cheryl Overby- (756-6464)

Assistant Auditor- Jill Baska (756-6464)

Public Works- Gary Buelow (263-1243)

Public Works- Vacant (263-1002) 

Librarian-  Cayla Lindsey (756-7242)

Landfill Attendant- Sherry Neubauer (756-6464)

City Attorney- Bryan Van Grinsven & Erich Grant, McGee, Hankla & Backes, Minot ND 

City Assessor- Robin Stark and Gabe Titus (756-6304)

City Engineer- Ackerman-Estvold, Minot, ND

Cemetery Sexton- Harlan Christianson

Police- Renville County Sheriff's Department (756-6386)



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