Mohall, North Dakota


Community Center

The City of Mohall recently took possession of the 7000 sq. ft. building previously known as the American Legion Veteran's Club or The Club.  As with many American Legion Facilities around the country, they found themselves struggling financially and had to sell the property to a private individual.  The private party operated it as a supper club for a few years, before selling the property to Farmer's Union Cooperative.  They in turn also operated the facility as a supper club for a short period of time, so the Board of Directors decided to sell the property.  With no offers to purchase, they decided to demolish the building and utilize the large lot for equipment storage.  

The City got involved when the Cooperative was taking bids for demolition of the building.  The building and individuals that were instrumental in is operation have a lot of history in this community.  A tremendous about of gaming money supported the City of Mohall, area communities and local organizations.  The City representatives felt that it would be a shame to see the structure destroyed.  Therefore, negotiations started with the Cooperative to acquire the property and utilize it as a Community Center for the City of Mohall and surrounding communities.  The Cooperative sold the property to the City of Mohall for $1.00 plus $15,000.00 for assets that were included with the property.  Numerous renovations continue.  The Mohall Community Center is available for rent for meetings or large events.  If you are interested in rental, contact the Mohall Auditor's Office at 756-6464.  

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